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FISO Technologies Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

FISO Technologies, a manufacturer of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners, is the world leader in fiber optic point measurement of physical and chemical parameters. Founded in 1994, FISO Technologies is part of the Roctest Group (RTT), a publicly traded company in Canada with sales in more than 75 countries through a network of representatives and distributors.

Our solutions measure temperature, pressure, refractive index, strain, displacement, force & load. Besides being extremely accurate, the advantages of fiber optic are: very high precision, intrinsically safe electrically, minimally invasive (nano technology), immunity to radio frequencies, electromagnetic interferences and microwave radiation. FISO's targeted markets are: medical, aerospace & defence, energy, scientific and process control.

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FISO Technologies Inc.

500 St-Jean-Baptiste, suite 195
QC, G2E 5R9 Québec

Phone: 1 (418) 688 8065

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