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Interface Ltd.

About Company

NanoMaker is a powerful software/hardware system for SEM/FIB based lithography that is intended for state-of-the-art technology of designing and manufacturing micro and nano electronic devices and objects.

  • NanoMaker provides a unique set of possibilities for nanotechnologies.
  • It is supplied with friendly graphic editor to design hierarchical structures of any size and shape arranged to any level of complexity.
  • Makes simulation of resist development.
  • Calculates exposure dose values/times considering proximity effect correction for 2D/3D structures.
  • Compensates static distortion of e-beam deflecting system.
  • Significantly reduces total exposure time by actively suppressing dynamic delays of e-beam deflection.
  • Allows writing without beam blanking.
  • Can be used as diagnostic tool for creation of high-resolution panoramic view of large-scale (centimeters) micro objects.

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Interface Ltd.

Bardin str. 4/1
119334 Moscow

Phone: +7 (495) 778-1699

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