The company provides services on Energy, Environment and Industry.

Sgenia’s national mission is to promote its internationalization into the global demand’s direction. The idea of the company is to identify worldwide opportunities and develop innovative custom-made ideas and products. Sgenia is an engineering company with high technological abilities that offers its clients the best service and the latest knowledge on fields such as Energy, Environment and Industry. Its main activity is the development of projects, new processes and innovative products which can be immediately industrialized: Automation and advanced control systems. Power electronics systems. State-of-the-art sensoric systems. Industrial and instrumentation equipment. Turnkey projects for industry and energy. These activities include design, implementation, integration, testing and pilot series batch manufacturing. As an additional activity, Sgenia also carries out the assembly, installation, maintenance and management of industrial and technical facilities. As an engineering company, Sgenia accomplishes technical feasibility studies/projects using the most advance techniques and technologies in: Hi-tech Electromagnetic devices designs. Improvement of process and products applying nanotechnology. Advanced industrial software applications for process modeling. Thermomechanical/Electromechanical design, modeling and simulation, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD). When the project so requires, Sgenia collaborates with associated industries, both domestically and internationally. To develop technology-based projects, Sgenia’s staff are based on a careful recruitment of high-skilled professionals. Sgenia has both, national and international presence, in India and Spain through its technical offices.

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C/Chile 4 Las Rozas
28230 Madrid

Phone: 34 916306388

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