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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is a world leading supplier of real-time contamination monitoring systems and offers the most complete line of contamination monitoring solutions available that include Airborne Particle Counts, Liquid Particle Counts, Airborne Molecular Contamination, Electrostatic Charge (ESD), Temperature, Humidity, Total Organic Carbon Monitoring and much more. These solutions are now found in semiconductor, data storage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace and defense industry plants worldwide.

The Lighthouse line of particle counters is composed of a complete line of handheld, portable, liquid and remote particle counters with features such as touch screen displays with zoom capability, detailed reporting functions, historical data review, removable/rechargeable Li-ion batteries, alphanumeric location labels and more.

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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions Inc.

46501 Landing Parkway
CA, 94538 Fremont

Phone: 1 (510) 438-0500

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