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FutureCarbon GmbH

About Company

FutureCarbon GmbH develops and produces customized high-tech products based on carbon nanomaterials and graphites.

The carbon nanomaterials are produced and refined directly by FutureCarbon. The synthesis parameters play an important role with regard to the ultimate application, significantly influencing the product properties. This statement is equally applicable to the subsequent refinement measures.

The graphite materials, too, are chosen in view of the desired properties and the cost of the end product. FutureCarbon has access to a worldwide network of providers and possesses long-term experience in this field thanks to people who have worked with graphites for several decades.

FutureCarbon possesses comprehensive know-how in the subsequent processing of these materials. This includes a broad variety of chemical and physical methods which decisively contribute to the transfer of the required properties onto the ultimate product while taking into account the subsequent processing steps.

We look forward to taking up your challenge!

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FutureCarbon GmbH

Gottlieb-Keim-Straße 60
95448 Bayreuth

Phone: +49 (921) 507388-0

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