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Zeta Instruments

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Optical Profilers, 3D Imaging and Surface Metrology

About Company

Zeta Instruments manufactures high-performance imaging systems that can analyze high-roughness, low-reflectance surfaces for solar cell, LED, and other micron-scale manufacturing test applications. Our wide-field imagers can provide a field of view in the millimeter range while accurately resolving 70nm z-heights and film thicknesses of 30nm. The Zeta 3D imaging software assembles gathered data and rapidly processes it to produce true-color 3D feature maps in a fraction of the time and cost of other microscopy systems. With available Nomarski Imaging and Film Thickness Measurement options, our systems provide the widest range, highest flexibility and best value for most metrology applications.

Zeta Instrument's system designs are based on decades of experience in metrology and measurement systems, with a team that brings together industry veterans from a wide background in precision instrumentation, metrology, optics, semiconductors, mechanical engineering and system software. Our combination of expertise is what forms the basis of our leading-edge measurement and imaging systems, as well as our commitment to innovative products and customer satisfaction

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Zeta Instruments

2528 Qume Drive, Suite 12
California, 95131 San Jose

Phone: 1 (408) 577 1888

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