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Carbon Nanomaterial Technology

About Company

Carbon nano-material such as carbon nanotube and carbon nanofiber, the new dream material of the 21st century, is getting limelight as material to lead the future in the fields of electron source, composite material, shield material against static electricity and electromagnetic wave, secondary batteries, fuel cells, and nano-mechatronics not only for nano-sized dimensions but also for its excellent mechanical, chemical, physical and magnetic properties.

However, due to the lack of technology to mass-produce carbon nano-material at a reasonable cost, the development of application technology is still delayed.

However excellent properties a material may have, it can replace existing materials and create new areas of application only after it becomes possible to be mass-produced at a reasonable cost just like the case of iron.

Carbon Nano-Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed mass-production technology at a cost of 20 to 30% of existing technology in-house for the first time in the world by revolutionarily enhancing catalyst production and synthesis in the existing production process of carbon nano-material.

The future will be an era of carbon instead of current iron and steel, and carbon nano-tube and carbon nano-fiber will be representative materials for the new ear.

Carbon Nano-Material Technology will maintain the track of a leader in nano-technology in general as well as carbon nano-technology on the basis of our challenging spirit and creativity.

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Carbon Nanomaterial Technology

San 50, Gangdong, Gyongiu,
780-713 Gyeongbuk

Phone: +82 (54) 763-0331

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