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Ultrafine Technologies

About Company

Dr. Berhan Tecle founded Ultrafine Technologies, Inc. (“Ultrafine”) in 1995 to commercialize a novel method of producing commercial quantities of proprietary nanomaterials.

Ultrafine’s patented process allows the preparation and handling of nanoparticles while maintaining discrete nanoparticles in a highly concentrated state. Ultrafine’s unique reversible encapsulation process facilitates handling, storing, and ease of use of such materials in a wide range of applications. This novel method is the only known process to produce highly dispersed, concentrated, commercial quantities of nanoparticles of virtually any solid material.

Ultrafine develops, produces and/or licenses its technology for the production of oxide-free nanomaterials for thin-film solar cells, energetic materials, lead-free solder paste, conductive metal inks and other novel, leading edge applications.

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Ultrafine Technologies

Shellpot Business Park, 175 Edgemoor Road
Delaware, 19809 Wilmington

Phone: +1 (302) 384 6513

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