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BioDot Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Biodot is a World-Leading Supplier of non-contact nanoliter and low microliter dispensing for the development and manufacture of Rapid Diagnostic test devices, Biosensors and BioChip Arrays. BioDot’s proprietary dispensing technology is based on the combination of a positive displacement reagent pump coupled to a drop forming actuator. The actuators include but are not limited to micro-solenoid, aerosol and piezoelectric. The positive displacement pump gives true quantitative dispensing where the pump displacement equals the drop volume. The micro-solenoid configuration is currently the most versatile system and is marketed under the trade names of BioJet and BioJet Plus. Since it’s founding in 1994 BioDot has established a broad patent portfolio around this technology with 6 issued patents and a number of additional pending applications.

BioDot’s initial focus with the BioJet, BioJet Plus and related dispensing technologies has been on membrane diagnostic test formats such as lateral flow. This focus is continually extending to include BioSensors, Micro-Arrays, Cell based assays and newly emerging Molecular Diagnostic formats. BioDot remains the only company in the diagnostics industry totally focused on providing state-of-the-art products to meet the exacting requirements of the diagnostic test producers. BioDot has products that are used at every step of test manufacturing including precision liquid dispensing (dynamic range from nanoliters to microliters), material handling and material processing modules that are used by lateral flow, flow-through, biosensor, dry chemistry and other test producers. These range from table-top equipment modules for R&D and pilot production to high throughput production systems.

In addition BioDot continues to conduct workshops and seminars worldwide on the technology of manufacturing rapid test devices. These workshops are carried out in association with a number of strategic partners. Their valuable expertise in various disciplines of the rapid test industry helps to provide the customer with a total picture of materials, process and equipment.

BioDot’s full range of reagent dispensing and assembly equipment products, consultation and technology services effectively address the customer’s needs for both R&D and Manufacture. Biodot equipment, processes and technology provide for a direct, low risk scale up from the R&D and pilot production stages to full high throughput manufacturing.

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BioDot Inc.

17781 Sky Park Circle
CA, 92614 Irvine

Phone: 1 (949) 440 3685

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