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Applied Microsystems Ltd.

About Company

In the real world, water is never just H20. This simple premise is the foundation of Applied Microsystems, manufacturer of in-situ, real-time detection and measurement systems for water.

Whatever your field of expertise - oceanographic research, water treatment, environmental protection, marine survey, or even industrial process control - detailed knowledge of the properties and contents of water is critical. For 28 years, Applied Microsystems has manufactured sensors to help measure water. When it comes to instruments in water, we know what we're talking about.

The company - located in the Ocean Technology cluster in Sidney B.C., on Canada's Pacific coast - has an impressive history of innovation. Founded in 1974, Applied Microsystems originally manufactured CTDs for the oceanographic industry. In 1986, the company realized that CTDs represented an imperfect way to measure the speed of sound in water. Spotting an opportunity, Applied Microsystems developed the first ever time-of-flight measurement instrument for sound velocity. 16 years later, we are still the market leader in that area.

More recently, Applied Microsystems has brought to market the first underwater mass spectrometer, arguably the most powerful underwater measuring machine in the world.

We are successful because we understand that our customers buy more than simple sensors; they buy the ability to reliably obtain accurate underwater data. We win business by providing unparalleled in-water measurement capabilities. We keep customers happy by supporting our technologies with knowledge, expertise and excellence in customer service.

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Applied Microsystems Ltd.

2071 Malaview Ave.
BC, V8L 5X6 W. Sidney

Phone: +1 (250) 656 0771

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