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The Organization has as a mission the generation of knowledge of high technological value to give support to the industries in the life sciences field.

Since its establishment, IUCT has signed some 300 contracts with companies for R & D, technical services and consulting, accumulating more than one service or project for any company. In the area of ​​own R & D for technology transfer companies generated IUCT designed and developed 17 projects under the different policy areas. Developed over the past 3 years are detailed below. Of these projects they have requested five national patents which have been extended to PCT. It is currently being drafted 2 more patents. During the last 6 years 16 of their projects have been subsidized by various Spanish public administrations (CIRIT-CIDEM, PROFIT, ECCD) and European (EUREKA, CRAFT). In 2004, grants have been obtained five national programs, two European (FP6) and three Catalans. Since its founding IUCT has participated in over 20 international and national congresses of character with their corresponding international scientific contributions. In addition to organizing and coordinating annual conferences of great importance such as: the 6th edition of the "Green Chemistry Conference" and the 7th edition of the "Combinational Chemistry Week"

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C/ Álvarez de Castro, 63
08100 Barcelona

Phone: 34 935 793 432

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