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Nanto Protective Coating

Nanto Protective Coating

Nanto Paint is unique, a leading name that combines traditional protective coatings with the finest nanotechnology. We offer final products for different industries, a portfolio that includes patented anticorrosive and fire retardant coatings based on nanotechnology.

Nanto Paint® provides engineered cost-effective coatings based on proprietary nanotechnology to enhance and improve properties for new functional protective purposes. Nanto Paint®’s strength is mastering the design, research and development of new functionalized coatings. Today the corporate group stands out on international markets delivering a variety of coating solutions in Protective, Marine and Yachting business area. Nanto Paint® has a distinctive approach: personalized solutions are offered to the different industrial sectors and applications. The team develops products, able to satisfy customers' needs, and this is directly related to the corporate’s products pipeline which is constantly growing according to the emerging markets, outstanding customers and new environmental needs. Nanto Paint®’s growth follows the leading stars in emerging industry of smart coating markets being active in research and development activities: the corporate has developed anticorrosion, flame retardant, anti stick and easy cleaning coating systems specifically designed to satisfy new performance requirements suitable for different market applications.

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Nanto Protective Coating

Piazza Benco, 1
34121 Trieste

Phone: 39 040-9776386

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