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Material Manufacturer

About Company

Based in Ayr Scotland, Giltech was founded in 1984 by Dr Tom Gilchrist to develop novel biomaterials for medical devices. Ever since, we have continued to develop our unique and creative core biodegradable and controlled release technologies and apply them to products for healthcare, agricultural, industrial and other applications

Our core biodegradable and controlled delivery technologies are based on our novel water soluble glasses, polysaccharides and organic biodegradable polymers.

These materials can be made to dissolve completely in an aqueous environment leaving no residue; they can be employed as controlled release mechanisms or used as temporary structural components.

With the glasses, the solution rate can be adjusted to suit specific applications and their environments with solution rates ranging from minutes to hours, weeks, months or even years.

These materials can be produced as powders, granules, castings, sheets, rods, tubes, sinters, fibres and wool for use on their own, applied as coatings or incorporated into most plastics and rubbers, inks, paints and adhesives. Composites of Giltech’s core materials further extend the range of product properties.

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12 North Harbour Estate

Phone: 44 (01292) 264 406

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