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Apex Nanomaterials

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Material Manufacturer

About Company

Apex Nanomaterials is a leading nanoscience and nanotechnology company founded in San Diego in late 2003 to enable the Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs) to become a building block in a multitude array of many revolutionizing applications.

Apex Nanomaterials’s world first-class SWNTs production technologies using both arcing and CVD methods are generating SWNTs with the best quality and most cost-effective at a industry scale.

Apex Nanmaterials also provides nanoengineered solutions of nanostructured SWNTs Composite Materials for a variety of industrial product applications. Using its patented and proprietary integrated nanotechnologies, the Company creates these products with unique performance attributes.

Our leading expertise in SWNTs purification, processing and functionlization make Apex Nanotmaterials the only one to be able to supply SWNTs and its nanostructured Composite Materials in a wide range of states, including purified SWNTs at different levels (>70%, >90% and >95%) with different methods (chemically and physically), processable SWNTs for both water and organic solvents and different Composite Materials with various Matrix/Substrates which include both inorganic and organic/polymeric materials.

Our products are being used to research and develop a number of revolutionizing products including field emission display (FED), Reinforced Multiple Functional Advanced Composite Materials (RMFACM) and Molecular and Biosesnors. As one of only a few companies today to commercialize SWNTs production and its processable Composite Materials at a industry scale, the Company’s goal is to provide SWNTs materials at an industrial scale yet with the best quality in a most affordable price.

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Apex Nanomaterials

7945 Silverton, Suite 1101
CA, 92126 San Diego

Phone: 1 (877) 576 6038

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