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Admatechs Co. Ltd.

About Company

Admatechs develops advanced materials to support the industrial products that play a key role in our society, for example, computers and digital home appliances.

Admatechs was established jointly by Toyota Motor Corporation and Shin-Etsu Chemical Corporation Limited, as a first venture company of Toyota Motor Corporation, and has received many business awards and invention awards. Our high quality ADMAFINE product is produced through original engineering and techniques, and is shipped all over the world.

The company name "Admatechs" is created by combining the initial characters from our company concept "Advanced Material Technologies." Admatechs supports the product strategies of frontier companies and creates more new businesses utilizing our advanced technologies and development capabilities to lead our society to greater heights.

Business Type: Nanotextile » | Biotechnology » | Electrotechnics » |

Admatechs Co. Ltd.

1099-20 Aza-Marune, Ooaza-Kurozasa, Miyoshi-cho,
Aichi, 470-0201 Nishikamo-gun

Phone: +81 (561) 33 0215

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