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Arden Photonics

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

At Arden Photonics we specialise in instrumentation for the measurement of a wide range of properties of lasers, LEDs, optical fibers, and optical components. Our novel products are used throughout the world in R & D and production areas.

Arden's highly experienced engineering team are committed to giving you personal support to ensure the optimum solution to your problems. Our active support for international standards means that our products always stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

Modal control and measurement

Our range of products for measurement and control of modal filling in multi-mode optical fibre are used by many of the industry's leading companies to ensure their products meet international standards for Encircled Flux and Mode Power Distribution.

Products include

  • MPX Modal Explorer real-time measurements of Encircled Flux and Mode Power Distribution at 850 or 1300nm
  • ModCon modal control patchcords for standards compliant multimode fiber loss and bandwidth measurements

Laser beam measurements

The “BQM” range of laser beam measurement products includes the BQM30 featuring “one-shot” measurement of m squared for pulsed or CW lasers - ideal for beam monitoring - and the BQM10 laser beam profiler.

Products include

  • BQM30 m squared monitor single shot measurement of laser beam propagation characteristics.
  • BQM10 laser beam profiler CCD-based laser beam profiler

Wavefront sensor

Arden's AWS-50 Wavefront sensor is robust and compact and has high dynamic range and spatial resolution. Ideal for applications in optical metrology such as aspherics and laser optic QA.

Optical fibre inspection

The VFI Optical fibre inspection system is a high magnification interferometer for inspecting optical fiber end quality on flat and angled ends. Available for fibers up to 1mm in diameter.

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Arden Photonics

Royston House, 267 Cranmore Boulevard
Solihull, B90 4QT Shirley

Phone: 44 (0) 121 733 7721

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