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Asterand Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Over the last ten years, the amount of money devoted to preclinical development of new drug candidates has increased by 250 percent but the number of new drug candidates that are submitted for approval for use has declined by 50 percent. The US FDA, and other medical authorities worldwide as well as major drug companies have recently recognized the urgent need to improve the preclinical stage of drug development. At Asterand we believe we can offer solutions to many of these problems.

Asterand can help reduce the attrition rate of drug discovery by the provision of human biomaterials and human tissue based services. The benefit to researcher is the identification of better drug candidates with an increased likelihood of clinical success. This increased probability of success can result in an overall decrease in R and D spending and a reduced cost per new drug development project. Our human tissue-based services could be helpful at various points in the drug development process.

Our mission is to accelerate target discovery and validation, leading to new and improved therapeutics.

Asterand’s biomaterials represent various therapeutic areas such as Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s among others. Samples are collected from a global network of hospitals according to standardized collection and ethical protocols. All samples are submitted to standardized quality assurance tests to provide researchers with reliable samples and data that match their research needs. Samples and data can also be custom collected to meet special requirements. This includes the collection of follow up data related to patient outcome.

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Asterand Inc.

TechOne Suite 501, 440 Burroughs
MI, 48202-3420 Detroit

Phone: 1 (313) 263 0960

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