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Copernicus Therapeutics Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Copernicus intends to become a leading biopharmaceutical company by utilizing its breakthrough DNA nanoparticle technologies to produce safe and effective DNA drugs. To maximize shareholder value, Copernicus is exploiting its expertise in lung gene transfer by first developing products for the $2 billion plus cystic fibrosis market. Copernicus' recent Phase I/II CF clinical trial results demonstrate that DNA nanoparticles efficiently transfer their DNA payload into the nucleus of differentiated airway cells, and do so without causing any significant toxicities. With additional funding, the Company also will be able to develop needleless, inhalation DNA drugs for the significant hemophilia A and B markets.

The business strategy of the Company is to build value by focusing on its core competencies, thus positioning CTI to become the preferred partner of companies holding rights to genomic information and therapeutic genes, and/or who wish to expand product development in our field indications. The outcome of this strategy is to provide the Company with early revenue streams obtained from research, development, and manufacturing agreements from corporate partners. Copernicus intends to be the GMP-manufacturer of all gene transfer products based on DNA nanoparticles, thereby leveraging our core competency to provide additional sources of revenue. Copernicus can provide assistance from preclinical proof-of-concept to DNA drug production. Each product developed utilizes similar modular Copernicus platform technologies. This modular nature reduces the risk of product development and permits Copernicus to perform the needed tasks faster, smarter, and for less cost.

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Copernicus Therapeutics Inc.

11000 Cedar Avenue, Suite 145
Ohio, 44106-3052 Cleveland

Phone: +1 (216) 231 0227

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