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Radant MEMS

About Company

Located in Stow, Mass., Radant MEMS provides industry-leading microswitch reliability and a proven manufacturing capability to meet the demands of any government or commercial application, from satellites to cell phones.

Radant MEMS is led by a team of industry experts that has developed an electrostatically actuated MEMS microswitch for both DC and microwave applications. The Radant MEMS device has a lifetime of 10 billion cycles, and further efforts are underway to increase the reliability to 100 billion cycles. Together with its low power consumption and cost-effective packaging, the breakthrough performance of the Radant MEMS RF switch make it an attractive solution for a wide range of applications.

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Radant MEMS

255 Hudson Road
MA, 01775 Stow

Phone: +1 (978) 562-3866

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