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ANF Technology

About Company

NAFEN™ - Aluminum Oxide Nano fibers from ANF Technology - have been developed in a pilot manufacturing facility in Tallinn, Estonia since 2011.  The product is synthesized by the method of controlled liquid phase oxidation, which ensures a high production rate.

The test facility has proven the efficacy of the production process for delivering volumes of high-quality aluminum oxide nano fibers in excess of 0.5 kilograms per hour in a continuous production cycle 24/7, 3000 kg per year.

The production process has been patented, allowing ANF Technology to develop sales channels and research partners without jeopardizing potential market share of the nano fiber market.

The production process allows for increases in volume up to 100 times the current production levels, thus eliminating the main roadblock in the nano fiber industry (lack of industrial scale production capacity).

NAFEN™ is the revolutionary nanomaterial of the next technological wave for which nanotubes have been preparing the world for over 20 years. Having this industrial technology at hand, numerous NAFEN™- inside solutions will be developed and implemented. 

NAFEN™ provides a unique combination of properties including controllable diameter of 7 to 40 nm, length of over 150 millimeters, high tensile strength, vast surface area, chemical inertness, stability against radiation, and thermal stability.

  • fiber diameter is controllable by production parameters, from 7 to 40 nm
  • individual fiber length up to 150 mm supplied in co-aligned or random structure
  • bulk density 0.09–3.5 g/cm3
  • supplied in dry form or dispersed in water or alcohols

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ANF Technology

Viru Valjak 2
10111 Tallinn

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