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Advanced Machine and Materials, Inc

About Company

Advanced Machine and Materials Inc (AM&M) manufactures sphere shape, low oxygen content, high purity metal and alloy powder. The company’s products include Indium Powder, Solder Powder, CIGS Solar Powder, Nano Size Powder (ITO powder <30 nm). AM&M specializes in making different size range from standard size (Type-3, Type-4, Type-5, and Type-6) powder to customize size range from 100 meshes (150µm) to 1250 mesh (10µm).

AM&M offers free powder samples, various volume rates and manufactures various particle size powders depending on specific requirements. The company is strongly committed to consistently providing customers with the highest quality powders available for the best cost value on the market today. AM&M continues to lead the industry through its advanced R&D, and creative company philosophy.

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Advanced Machine and Materials, Inc

55 Catterick Crescent
ON, K2K 3M6 Kanata

Phone: 1 (613) 482-1155

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