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Haydale Limited

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Graphene Flakes and Graphene Nano Platelets

About Company

Haydale, a wholly owned subsidiary of Haydale Graphene Industries plc, is a global leader in facilitating the commercial application of graphenes. Haydale’s patented plasma technology is a scalable and environmentally friendly method of producing high quality graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) avoiding the harsh, wet chemical functionalization methods that are more commonly employed.

Because the plasma process does not damage material in the way that acid treatments do, Haydale’s graphenes can be tailored to specific customer requirements. Combined with a scalable production technology, Haydale is facilitating the application of graphenes in fields such as inks, sensors, energy storage, photovoltaics, composites, paints and coatings.

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Haydale Limited

Clos Fferws, Parc Hendre, Capel Hendre
Carmarthenshire, SA18 3BL Ammanford

Phone: +44 (0) 1639 864740

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