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The company aims to improve the MacroWorld through understanding and managing the NanoWorld.

Nanoquimia was founded in year 2005 with the aim of providing advanced products and services to the sectors of enviroment&water treatment, food industry and chemical&pharma industries. Nanolit® gathers under the same trademark all nanomaterial products and advanced services in nanomaterials that have been generated over more than nine years of experience. One of the main milestones in the creation of Nanolit® products is our partnership with Córdoba University for exploiting its expertise and know-how on metal nanoparticles synthesis and microwave atmospheric plasma applications, mainly in the carbon nanomaterials synthesis like Carbon nanotubes and Graphene. With this world patented technology, they are able to synthesize CNT's, graphene and other carbon nanostructures without the aid of a catalyst making our product the purest in the marketplace.

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C/ Córdoba, 10
14540 Córdoba

Phone: 34 957 684 973

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