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Nanex Company

About Company

Headquartered in Belgium, Nanex Company is a young, but innovative company specializing in the commercialization of innovative nanotechnology discoveries and inventions.

The ease of use of our products ensures that they are optimized for consumer and industrial use. Their main objective is to improve product properties and make eco-friendly solutions for a wide array of needs in many markets. Their first and flag-ship products are based on protective coating technologies combined with special Nano particles as well as cleaning and protective properties.

They strive to go deeper and combine advanced chemistry with discoveries in the field of nanotechnology, which can benefit or improve our everyday life and environment. Their work is always aimed at the most ecological way to attain the best results possible in our product properties.

They strive to create more value for society and evolutionary building blocks to push barriers in what they call new age technology.

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Nanex Company

Kleine Bogaarde straat 57
Belgium 9990 Maldegem


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