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Solaronix SA

About Company

Solaronix is active in the area of renewable energy and has a leading position in the development of new photovoltaic cells imitating natural photosynthesis. In particular, the dye sensitized nanocrystalline titanium dioxide solar cell is in a advanced stadium. A pilot production line for interconnected solar modules is actually in build-up.

An other direction is the engineering of special electronic circuitry adapting the output of a solar module to the customer specific appliances. In parallel to the development and engineering business, we are producing speciality chemicals such as ruthenium sensitizers, redox electrolytes, and different types of nanocrystalline titanium dioxides used in dye solar cells and in electrochromic displays. These speciality chemicals are sold on a world wide basis, to customers ranging from universities, research institutes and companies investigating new solar cell technologies.

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Solaronix SA

Rue de l'Ouriette 129
CH-1170 Aubonne VD

Phone: +41 (21) 821 22 80

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