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Seashell Technology

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Seashell Technology LLC is a privately held San Diego-based nanotechnology company that develops nanoscale composite particles for the research and development market. Seashell Technology was formed by President and co-founder Dr. Sheldon Schultz who has had over 20 years experience working and developing nanocomposite materials and novel metamaterials . Since its inception in 1996 Seashell Technology worked to develop plasmon resonant particles for use as optically observable biological labels, and for other applications. Building upon these core materials and competencies the interdisciplinary team at Seashell Technology now has the capability to manufacture a wide range of multifunctional particles with nanoscale precision for a variety of applications.

Custom particles are produced where each component imparts a specific functionality to the particle. For example, the particle's magnetic, fluorescent, optical scattering, density, porosity, chemical composition, geometric shape, and surface functionality can each be individually adjusted to suit a particular application. Our products and services provide industrial, academic, and government researchers access to a wide variety of tools that will have an immediate impact on the success of their scientific investigations.

Seashell Technology has ongoing projects with the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Department of Defense (DOD), universities, and public and private institutions.

Seashell Technology is pleased to supply custom or stock nanocomposite materials for particular applications, work collaboratively to develop Value Added improvements to new and existing technologies and products, license technologies developed in-house, partner with outside companies for distribution, or distribute product directly to the consumer.

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Seashell Technology

3252 Holiday Ct. # 115
California, 92037 La Jolla

Phone: 1 (858) 638 0316

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