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We, NT Bbase Co.,Ltd., specializing in manufacturing metal Nano Powder, have been producing various kinds of metal Nano powders through continuous technological development and investment.

Our metal Nano powders are nature-friendly products produced by means of low voltage plasma method, which are of high purity without impurities at all and whose sizes of Nano particles are tiny and uniform. We are proud that our products are the best of all in the world and highly price-competitive.

NT Base Co.,Ltd. has been supplying metal Nano powders of silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, tungsten, tin, etc. around the world. We promise to produce and supply the best metal Nano powders.

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Yubang-dong 770-2 Cheoin-gu,
Gyeonggi-do, 449-934 Yongin-si

Phone: +82 (31) 3223950

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