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Kopin Corp

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Material Manufacturer

About Company

We started as a group of scientists and engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researching a new technology called Wafer-Engineering, a patented and proprietary technology enabling dissimilar materials to combine together for optimal advantages, much like genetic engineering. In 1984, we founded Kopin and licensed the technology from MIT, and began focusing on mastering the basic fundamental process technology through the 1980s. In the 1990's, we began to develop commercial products - capitalizing on opportunities for personal, portable communication and information products. From the beginning we focussed on products that were enabling, proprietary, and differentiable. Our mission has always been to be first in terms of providing leading edge capabilities in the areas for which we provide products.

Our first product, introduced in 1995, is our HBT transistor wafers. These high performance transistor structures are used by manufacturers of GaAs integrated circuits, power amplifiers and other products for cellular phones and high-speed communication applications. Currently, millions of the cellular handsets in the market today have our HBT product inside. Our products are especially advantageous for high frequency, digital operations providing enhanced system performance and ease of use.

Our second product, introduced in April 1997, is the CyberDisplay, an exciting new microdisplay. CyberDisplays allow users to see images similar to displays used in portable notebook screens, except now the display is quite small and enable OEMs with an entire new business opportunity in ultra portable applications. The CyberDisplay is based on the same technology as that of the notebook monitor, but by using our Wafer-Engineering technology, CyberDisplay is more than 1000 times smaller and consumes 100 times less power than a conventional PC monitor. Using an appropriate optic, the CyberDisplay provides bright, sharp, readable images - ideal for both camcorder and digital cameral viewfinder, as well as ultra-portable, low cost, wireless communication and personal information devices. We currently sell our CyberDisplay products to OEMs either as a single component or as a unit with a lens and backlight. We provide CyberDisplay products to JVC for use in two of its CyberCam digital camcorder models and to Mustek for user in digital cameras. In addition, we are working with numerous customers including IBM and British Telecom and others to develop new applications for our CyberDisplay products.

Kopin is keeping its commitments to our customers by teaming with them for product developments offering a broad range of product solutions using both our display and GaAs technologies. We continue to make significant investments in our research and development and are achieving excellent progress in our Wafer-Engineering technology, which forms the backbone of both of our exciting product lines.

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Kopin Corp

695 Myles Standish Blvd
Massachusettes, 02780 Taunton

Phone: 1 (508) 8246696

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