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Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

SAIT was established as the central research arm of the Group, which is on an “endless quest” for new knowledge and technology. We are committed to making the world better and are emerging as one of the world’s best corporate research institutions. Our activities include “seed” research in advance of new business areas, development of next-generation core technologies in support of existing strategic business lines, and discovery of ways to bolster the synergy of the various Samsung units.

SAIT is a key driver behind the global Samsung organization. We play a major role in making Samsung a top-tier world player by opening up new horizons of possibility and taking current operations to the next level.

We selectively focus our resources and competencies on areas that will provide the most future value, creating new technology-intensive business and having a major impact on Samsung’s future. Once we decide on a given area of research, we make every effort to make ourselves the very best in that field.

Today, global technology competition is intense and technologies are increasingly converging. New emerging technologies and disruptive technologies appear constantly. SAIT has a system of open innovation that facilitates the search for future technologies and their subsequent development. To fulfill its mission, the institute also engages in joint projects with leading overseas research organizations and domestic universities and research institutes and Samsung-affiliated research centers and joint labs around the world.

The most important task is to bolster competencies for the future. In this regard, SAIT serves as an academy that is cultivating Samsung’s elite engineers and topnotch technology specialists. We allow our people to make full use of their talents and provide the optimal environment for them to conduct their research.

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Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

SAIT, Mt. 14-1, Nongseo-dong,
Yongin-si Gyunggi-do,, 449-712 Giheung-gu

Phone: +82 (031) 280 9114

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