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NanoEner, Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

NanoEner, Inc., a subsidiary of Ener1, Inc., has developed a proprietary technology for the production of nanostructured thin and thick coatings. The company’s proprietary processes, called Vapor Deposition Solidification™ (VDS), offers the advantages of traditional vacuum, plasma, laser technologies in controlling film structure at the atomic or “nano” level while providing for outstanding efficiencies (rates) of evaporation and deposition (up to 1000 times higher then existing methods). In some cases the technology allows material deposition in controlling gas atmosphere or in air.

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NanoEner, Inc.

1500 W. Cypress Creek Rd Suite 515
FI, 33309 Ft. Lauderdale

Phone: 1 (954) 776 8489

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