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The Specialties of the company are nanotechnology, thin films, deposition equipment, manufacturing equipment, semiconductors, coatings, photovoltaics.

Noivion designs and produces thin film deposition equipment and components based on a new propietary technology called Ion Jet Deposition (IJD) that shows consistent advantages over conventional techniques. The IJD method consists of a special electron source placed in a vacuum chamber able to generate repetitively very short and intense electric discharges supported by a gas jet and directed into a solid target. The target is composed by the desired coating material. When a discharge hits the target generates a superficial explosion and consequent emission of very energetic material in the form of a plasma. The plasma cools down on any object it finds on its way producing a coating on the object itself made of the same material of the target. IJD shows consistent advantages over conventional techniques such as: - Conservation of stoichiometry - High growth rate - Fine control of thickness and roughness - Low temperature deposition - Compatibility with a large set of materials - Low cost and robustness - The IJD technique is protected by a recently filed Italian patent.

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Piazza Manifattura, 1
38068 Rovereto

Phone: 39 0464 443-417

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