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ESTO-Vacuum develops and manufactures automated vacuum systems for plasma deposition.

The company was founded in 2003 by a group of technical specialists, who were working on upgrading old vacuum machines during the 1990s. The company was created to develop a fundamentally new generation of vacuum installations. In 2005, ESTO's Caroline series, which includes 11 systems, was released. In 2009, the company set up a laboratory for scientific research in the field of vacuum technology.

In 2011, RUSNANO began financing a project to increase the production capacity of ion-plasma deposition systems for etching of micro-and nano-structures. ESTO-Vacuum were brought into this project to develop the vacuum equipment, which led to the release of three new series of vacuum equipment.

As a result of the RUSNANO project, the Centre for Technology Services was opened on ESTO-Vacuum's premises. The center provides coating production services for companies, saving them the expense of purchasing and maintaining equipment.

ESTO-Vacuum also established two subsidiary companies, "Advanced Plasma Technology", to cover the R&D activities, and "Tehnoklaster", which manages the project for the production of cluster hardware in Sarov Technopark.

ESTO-Vacuum's manufacturing plant can produce up to 50 production units per year, along with up to 20 custom projects. All the equipment is tested with a three-step verification process in the company's laboratory.

ESTO-Vacuum has all the competencies required to work with knowledge intensive industries. The company is constantly conducting research and development activities, striving to perfect their vacuum equipment, and keeping up with the latest developments in science and technology.

Today, ESTO-Vacuum can boast:

  • 100 highly qualified specialists;
  • More than 500 customers;
  • More than 100 projects on equipment production;
  • 4 series of high vacuum equipment;
  • 10 years of success in high-tech industries.

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House 4, Building 1, pr-d 4086
Moscow, 124460 Zelenograd

Phone: +7 (499) 710-6000

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