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hanse chemie GmbH

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

hanse chemie has been active in the field of chemical nanotechnology since 1997. Using an innovative, modified sol-gel-process, the company now manufactures spherical nanoparticles enabling the production of materials with unprecedented combinations of properties - and on an industrial scale.

hanse chemie deliberately chose liquids as the ideal application form - with silica nanoparticles of the very finest: monodispersed, non-agglomerated, spherical and with a very narrow particle size distribution.

It is the versatility that makes this process so unique: the nanoparticles can be incorporated into a wide range of different polymer materials. The nanocomposites thus produced are very well suited for further processing due to their low viscosity. They achieve an unprecedented and specific improvement in the mechanical and thermal material properties - without the disadvantages usually associated with inorganic fillers. Thus the toughness and hardness of a material can be increased without any loss in optical clarity.

The new nanocomposites can also be used as raw materials for coatings or varnishes and as additives for a wide variety of other applications. This places hanse chemie's customers a lot more than a nanometer ahead of the competition in terms of product performance.

Discover for yourself the versatility of hanse chemie's nanocomposites:

  • Nanocryl® - uncompromising scratch resistance
  • Nanopox® - unprecedented mechanical strength
  • Nanocone® - brings excitement to reinforced silicones

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hanse chemie GmbH

Charlottenburger Straße 9
Germany 21502 Geesthacht


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