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XinNano Material

About Company

XinNano Material, Inc. is the world's leading producer of High Quality Carbon Nanotubes for a wide variety of applications. Our Field Emission Grade Carbon Nanotubes are the best field emission materials available today on the global market and have been used by industrial leaders in their development of field emission display, field emission X-ray system, and field emission lighting unit. Our carbon nanotubes have also received strong attention in the research community worldwide for their potential applications in batteries, super-capacitors and composite due to their extraordinary electrical & thermal conductivity, mechanical stability and environmental resistance.

XinNano Material, Inc. has also developed carbon nanotube ink that can be easily applied to substrates to produce transparent conducting film (TCF) and anti-static film used for touch panel, flexible display and EMI shielding applications.

With relentless R&D efforts, we strive to be the world's No.1 carbon nanotube producer for excellence in satisfying customer needs by providing quality products and service at competitive price.

XinNano Material, Inc's can be divided up into four main categories as follows:

Listed below are the key features and applications of our CNT materials:

Excellent field emission properties:

  • low turn-on field: <2V/µm @ 1mA/cm2 in diode measurement
  • long lifetime: >10000 hour lifetime demonstrated in sealed X-ray tubes at 5mA/cm2 emission current density in DC mode
  • high current capability: 5A/cm2 demonstrated in diode and pulse mode

Enhanced mechanical & thermal properties:

  • LED operating temperature decreased by >20% as been demonstrated using our CNT/Polymer heat dissipation paste
  • >10% improvement of mechanical strength and >25% improvement of thermal conductivity have been demonstrated by using our CNTs as mechanical reinforcement and thermal conductive additives

Superb electrical conductivity for antistatic and transparent conductive films:

  • Transparent conductive films using our CNTs have achieved >89% in transmittance (including PET substrate) and 400 Ohm/square in sheet resistance, e.g., the requirements for touch panel applications

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XinNano Material

1560, Sec. 1, Jhongshan Rd
Taoyuan, 328 Guanyin

Phone: 886 (3) 473 1718

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