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IsoTis manufactures, markets and sells a range of innovative bone graft substitutes and other related medical devices that are used to enhance the repair and regeneration of bone in spinal and trauma surgery, total joint replacements and dental applications. The orthobiology segment of the orthopedics market on which IsoTis focuses is valued at approximately $1 billion today, and is estimated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 20% to reach the $2 billion mark in 2010. IsoTis’ main commercial operations are based in Irvine, California, and its international sales headquarters are based in Lausanne, Switzerland. IsoTis reported revenues of $32 million in 2005, and expects to grow its revenues between 25% and 30% for the full year 2006.

The field of orthobiologics combines recent advances in biotechnology with material sciences and tissue biology to promote the body’s natural capacity to regenerate and repair musculoskeletal tissue, particularly bone. The emergence and establishment of orthobiology products and solutions is expanding treatment options in orthopedics from traditional metal implants, plates and screws to biologically-based products for hard and soft tissue regeneration. IsoTis believes this new generation of products will continue to gain acceptance in the orthopedic community, improve patient quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.

IsoTis’ innovative product offering is based on natural human bone morphogenic proteins (nhBMPs™) that promote bone formation and repair. IsoTis combines nhBMPs™ with proprietary carrier materials to improve the handling characteristics of its products for their use in orthopedic surgery. IsoTis’ product portfolio primarily consists of a family of nhBMP™ products based on its proprietary Accell® technology.

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2 Goodyear
California, 92618 Irvine

Phone: 1 (949) 595 8710

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