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High-Quality, Low-Cost TSVs and 3D packaging

About Company

Alchimer is a recognized provider of nanometric films for a variety of microelectronic and MEMS applications, including through-silicon vias (TSVs) for 3D packaging and wafer-level interconnects.
Our wet deposition technology helps our customers make electronic devices with greater performance and functionality, at much lower cost – nearly 80 percent less than traditional dry deposition processes – while also delivering superior film quality and faster time to market.
Electrografting, Alchimer’s breakthrough electrochemical process, has been validated by multiple third parties as an enabling technology for the growth of extremely high-quality polymer and metal thin films.
Our AquiVia suite of products brings Electrografting’s breakthrough results to the manufacturing line with a combination of conformality, step coverage, purity and economy that cannot be matched by CVD, PVD, ALD or other dry processes. Customers may choose a single film or any combination of films and fills, based on their application needs.
Alchimer’s processes are easily implemented on a variety of hardware platforms. This gives our customers the flexibility to use existing depreciated wet-processing tools that may already be at their facilities. Alchimer works with customers to optimize these tools for AquiVia processes, and we also certify new wet-processing equipment.

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Z.I. de la Bonde
Massy, 91300 15 rue du Buisson aux Fraises

Phone: 33 (1) 69 75 43 43

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