Neoxid GmbH

Neoxid GmbH

The Neoxid company develops and produces marketable nano energy systems based on a novel research approach for processing of oxides. The field of application is very diverse. Company stands out for scientific know-how and strong connection to the research. Implementation of new technologies in industry and business is the central target of Neoxid.

Neoxid has two main products: Neo-low-e coating for aluminium and Neo-uv-curing lacquer system ( humidity, scratch and wear protection). The first product is primarily used for surfaces and structures ( such as roofs and jalousie) which suffer from heat. A low-e coating minimizes a radiant heat in sunny regions in case of aluminium facades of buildings. A cost-effective, energy efficient and weather resistant exterior coating for aluminium surfaces isn't heat introduced on the market. But the design and technological characteristics of this product have already been created. The second system can be applied in several ways. Uv-curing coating is based on acrylic lacquer, which hardens quickly without thermal loading. Only UV light is needed. Advantages of this system are the good adhesion to many plastics, metals and glasses as well as the abrasion and scratch resistance after curing. The material is colorless, transparent, crystal - clear and UV - stable. Further information about the company is available on an official website.

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Neoxid GmbH

Dammweg 17
41468 Neuss

Phone: 02131/13 32 408

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