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Nanomotion Ltd.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Component Supplier

About Company

Utilizing breakthrough proprietary technology, Nanomotion develops and manufactures unique ceramic servo motors and positioning systems that provide superior motion solutions based on the level of performance required in today’s marketplace, and future needs. Nanomotion’s motors are compact and miniature in size, offer extremely accurate and precise movement, high resolution and low settling time, coupled with dynamic range of velocity and force.

Based on the principles of piezoelectricity, Nanomotion has designed a series of ultrasonic motors that have no moving parts and that have no extrinsic or intrinsic magnetic fields. In stall, the motors have no electrostatic fields as well. Furthermore, Nanomotion can also design and manufacture application specific motors to suit a wide range of micromechanic specifications.

Territories Serviced

Nanomotion’s products are sold internationally, with versatile customer bases in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Nanomotion conducts it’s marketing activity through an extensive base of distributors in the USA, Europe, and the Far east.

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Nanomotion Ltd.

Mordot HaCarmel Industrial Park, HaYetsira
Yokneam, 20692 St., PO Box 623

Phone: 972 (4) 959 0862

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