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AMT&C Group (Advanced Magnetic Technologies & Consulting Group)

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

New magnetic materials

About Company

AMT&C is a recognized leader in the post-Soviet territory in the field of new magnetic materials and technologies. They specialize in design and manufacture of scientific intensive equipment production for industry based on permanent magnets. R&D is based on the 27-year old scientific and practical experience in the area of magnetism and its applications. Their activity is concentrated on such aspects of applied magnetism as magnetic refrigeration, scientific instrument-making, magnetic separation, cancer treatment and sensitive desorption of medical products, sorption of contaminations, methods of production of nanosized and nanostructured materials.

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AMT&C Group (Advanced Magnetic Technologies & Consulting Group)

Saint-Petersburg Engels av., 27, building 5

Phone: 7 (812) 702 13 08

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