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LUX Innovate Ltd

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Technology development / Light Based Technologies

About Company

LUX Innovate is a technology development house with a focus on deploying their core expertise in light-based technologies to develop and commercialise novel detection solutions across different industries.

LUX has a strong, comprehensive in-house research team and the company is geared towards efficient co-development of novel light based technological solutions. With a track record of working successfully with major players, LUX has fulfilled unmet needs in a number of industries. The company has ongoing co-development projects in the energy, chemical, water quality, medical and life science sectors with potential application development in many more.

The expansion of their operations in the energy sector has led to the creation of LUX Assure, a subdivision through which we manage all of our oil and gas related programmes. Similarly, their collaborative development of a dental disease assessment technology is overseen by the LUX DS division.

LUX was established in 2001 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. It is a privately owned and funded company, and has won many awards for innovation, and has partnered with a number of companies and research groups worldwide.

LUX welcomes interest from companies with a need for customised detection technologies. For more information on LUX please visit

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LUX Innovate Ltd

Unit 5.3 Research Avenue South
Edinburgh, EH14 4AP Heriot Watt Research Park

Phone: +44 (0131) 516 7290

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