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NEC Laboratories

About Company

NEC Laboratories is the innovation engine that drives our efforts to become the world's number one provider of technology solutions. The two principal goals of NEC research programs are:

  •   R&D of Base Technology to Create Future Business
  •   R&D of New Technology to Significantly Advance Current Business

NEC Laboratories is currently focusing on four areas: "IT / Network Domain", "Mobile / Personal Domain", "Device / Material Domain", and "Next-Generation Core Technology Domain / Production Innovation / Environmental Domain". Successful results from our researchers provide the technological impetus for the current and future business activities. NEC Laboratories also emphasizes the acquisition of fundamental, comprehensive patents and other intellectual property rights for new technologies.

Funding for new research programs at NEC Laboratories aims to promote rapid progress in current technologies and to create future business opportunities. Programs which develop base technologies for the future include grid computing, middleware for ubiquitous service, next-generation recognition technology, IT / Network Integrated Platforms, and SOC Design, etc.. Dr. Sumio Iijima, a Senior Research Fellow at NEC Laboratories, has been honored for his discovery of the carbon nanotube. This discovery is one of our achievements in the field of nanotechnology. NEC Laboratories is also actively involved in quantum IT and Bio-IT research.

NEC Laboratories is also working to develop new technologies that can be utilized to expand business opportunities in the near term. Such technologies include mission critical systems based on open systems for use with banking systems, security systems for privacy protection, and low powered system LSI used for mobile and wireless networks.

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NEC Laboratories

7-1, Shiba 5-chome
Tokyo, 108-8001 Minato-ku

Phone: 81 (3) 34541111

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