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General Nanotechnology LLC

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

General Nanotechnology (GN) has created and is developing hardware and software that provides advanced capabilities in imaging, nano-manipulation, nano-fabrication, nano-spectro-photometry, near field optical probes below the aperture (50nm) limit, and diamond and other nanotools™ tips and parts.

GN is a California Limited Liability Company (LLC). Its principal operational location is in Berkeley, California. GN has partnered with the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in a three year nanotools™ tips development program. GN is a principal supplier of proprietary diamond tools to RAVE LLC, the manufacturer of the worlds first commercial SPM based nano-machining system. RAVE is also a licensee of GN's ground-breaking inventions in SPM nano-machining and control software.

GN has developed advanced software for mixed Confocal/AF imaging systems. In the Micro-Fab/Coating area, GN is engaged as an Associate of the Berkeley MicroFab laboratories and is developing diamond MEMS, including AFM tips, and nano-machining related special parts.. GN worked with NIST to provide micro-machined force standards for the commercial AFM industry.

GN's software is used by major manufacturers of Atomic Force and Confocal Microscopy, and in wafer profiling equipment sold to the semi-conductor industry. GN has also developed advanced software capabilities for Light Microscopy, including Laser and Nipkow Disk Confocal imaging systems.

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General Nanotechnology LLC

1119 Park Hill Road
California, 94708 Berkeley

Phone: 1 (303) 444 8193

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