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Marion Nanosystems

About Company

Marion Nanosystems is a private molecular nanotechnology business based in Victoria, Australia. Marion Nanosystems was founded in 2006 by Nicolas P. Marion to expedite the development of molecular manufacturing technology.

Our vision is to be the world leading supplier of molecular nanotechnology products and services. By focusing our efforts on materials, equipment and software, we are creating a direct engineering path towards molecular manufacturing whilst providing value for our clients and shareholders.

Molecular manufacturing technology promises to address each of the following major global issues whilst maintaining minimal impact on our environment.

  • Making clean water available globally
  • Portable and adaptable energy devices
  • Increasing the health & longevity of human life
  • Maximising agricultural productivity
  • Making powerful information technology available everywhere

At Marion Nanosystems, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of quality and integrity. We take continual steps to reinforce our valuable reputation. By adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, Marion Nanosystems is protecting its reputation, assets, investor confidence, and customer loyalty.

Our management and staff are highly committed to the development of molecular manufacturing, which promises to bring clean and affordable methods of manufacturing goods. The staff and research team at Marion Nanosystems have many years combined experience in software development, engineering, project management, scientific research and development. We provide our employees with the resources and knowledge required to conduct their roles ethically and efficiently.

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Marion Nanosystems

50 Elida Crescent
Victoria, 3805 Narre Warren

Phone: +61 (3) 9704 9061

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