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Integrated cathodoluminescence with optical and electron microscopy

About Company

With Attolight, Cathodoluminescence is now available in a streamlined system which integrates cathodoluminescence with both light and electron microscopy: what was a challenging experiment in the past, often done on klunky, home-made devices can now be done easily and efficiently.

Attolight is now changing the landscape: its innovative approach brings nanometer resolution as well as pico-second timing for time-resolved studies, regardless of the wavelengths used.

While any material that emits light under electron irradiation can be studied by cathodoluminescence, it is particularly valuable in material studies of semi-conductor materials, phosphor, ceramic, rock and glass. Combining light microscopy and electron microscopy with hyperspectral imaging, Attolight’s solution reveals ultra-trace impurities and crystallographic defects not visible using other imaging modalities.

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EPFL Innovation Square / PSE D
CH-1015 Lausanne

Phone: +41 (21) 626 0100

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