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About NanoOrbit

Are you interested in nanotechnologies and expanding your business? If yes, then you know that it's difficult to find reliable information on the Internet, in outdated general directories and company comparison websites. It is impossible to have a clear overview of the whole market. It takes a lot of time to compare distributors, check partners and find out about new patents and opportunities.

Since 2008 our company has been helping you to find the right piece of information about nanotechnology. We verify companies and their products for you. We are the biggest independent directory of companies and nanotechnology products. As we are so specialized, you can use our services anywhere in the world, online, and on any mobile device.

Are we huge? Yes!

Today our database lists dozens of companies and we are constantly developing new products. Our goal is to connect specialists from small countries to more developed ones. We try to get new inventions, patents from individuals, companies and universities into everyday life. Everything we do is transparent and independent including quality control.

We connect your world, your business, inventions, exhibitions, and the world of nanotechnology.

We are here to help you, open to collaboration and new challenges.

We introduce Nanoorbit.com - The Best Trajectory for Cooperation