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Jasco Inc. - Spectroscopy and Chromotography

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JASCO manufactures a wide range of UV-Vis/NIR, FT-IR, Fluorescence, RAMAN and related spectroscopic instrumentation. JASCO is also the world leader in the field of Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy and Chiral Detection. The experience gained by JASCO in both optical design and computer technology led to the production of spectrophotometric detectors for HPLC. The move into the HPLC market continued with production of solvent delivery systems, gradient elution devices and a complete range of detectors. JASCO now has over 30 years of experience in the design and development of innovative chromatography instrumentation for a wide range of applications.

Over the last 46 years JASCO Corporation has continued to attain the highest standards in terms of optical performance, ease of use, and reliability. JASCO has grown to become a strong global company with sales and support worldwide. JASCO Incorporated was founded in Maryland in 1972 to handle operations throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Recently, JASCO set in motion a plan to significantly grow our market base and expand our product line. Highlights of this plan include a significant investment in infrastructure and marketing, increasing the size and function of our service organization, nearly doubling our employee base – hiring the highest caliber of individuals – and reorganizing to support our growing role. On the analytical front, several new products, such as the new P-2000 Series multi-option Polarimeters, the V-600 Series UV-Vis/NIR Spectrophotometers, the Irtron_ in-compartment microscope for FT-IR, the DT-810 Dissolution Tester, and the X-LC® (Extreme Pressure Liquid Chromatography) System, have rounded off our extensive line of spectroscopy and chromatography instrumentation and accessories. We are very excited about the prospects for the future.

Over the years the JASCO product line has grown to cover instruments used, not only in research but also for routine analysis applications in areas such as quality control, environmental analysis, and process control. The current spectroscopy product line encompasses instrumentation for the following methods:

  • UV/Visible and Near Infrared Spectrophotometers
  • Fluorescence Spectrophotometers
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometers (FTIR)
  • FT-Raman Spectrophotometers
  • Dispersive Raman Spectrometers and Raman Microprobes
  • Circular Dichroism Spectrometers
  • Polarimeters Near Field Optical Micro-Spectrometers
  • Ellipsometers

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Jasco Inc. - Spectroscopy and Chromotography

28600 Mary's Court
Maryland, 21601 Easton

Phone: 1 (410) 8221220

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