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Alpha Precision Inc.

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Material Manufacturer

About Company

Alpha Precision, Inc. was originally founded in 1965 as Photo Instrument Tooling Co., Inc. in Yorkville, Illinois. The original focus of the business was to design and fabricate specialty camera equipment. The most notable of which was a continuous stripfilm camera used to produce images used in the Apollo Mission Simulator.

Over time the company's focus shifted to production of specialty glass and ceramic products. As a supplier to the Color Picture Tube Market, PIT soon became the only US source of an optical component called a Concentrator. PIT supplied 5 US picture tube manufacturers as well as manufacturers in Canada, England, and Italy.

Photo Instrument Tooling Co. has repeatedly utilized its strength in designing and building specialty tooling and equipment to manufacture custom glass components.

In 1979 PIT began production of Glass and Ceramic substrates for semiconductor pressure sensors. As a pioneer in ultrasonic drilling and machining of substrates, more than twenty years later PIT is Delphi-Delco's sole supplier of glass substrates.

In 1997, we expanded our market base to include glass products for the Aerospace Industry. Two of our largest customers, Siemens Airport Solutions Corp. and Honeywell Airport Systems, control the majority of the US Airfield Lighting Systems market. PIT manufactures prismatic lenses and Aviation colored filters for Airport Lighting Systems.

In May of 2001 we began operating as Alpha Precision, Inc. reflecting our commitment to and alignment with technology based markets including Semiconductor Sensors, and Airfield Lighting. These markets maintain tremendous potential for continued technological growth.

The management team of Alpha Precision, Inc. has over 45 years of combined experience in the glass and ceramics industry.

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Alpha Precision Inc.

9750 Route 126. PO Box 157
IL, 60560 Yorkville

Phone: 1 (630) 553 7331

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