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As global leaders in product authentication, Authentix is committed to the detection and removal of counterfeit and adulterated products from our society. As the inventor and developer of many of the leading authentication nano-technologies in use today, we have a world-class technology portfolio. Moreover, our skills in applying those technologies to solve counterfeit, adulteration and smuggling issues for clients, ensures that we are a trusted partner of many of the world's leading brand owners and governments.

In the last three years we have saved our clients over $3 billion in lost revenues in the petroleum, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries alone. In addition, our expertise in the fields of valued documents, currency and homeland security applications helps protect the very fabric of our society. The key to our success is simple-we deliver complete solutions, not just technology. From the design and installation of tailored authentication and tracking solutions, to field surveillance, web monitoring and chain of custody evidence for case file creation, our programs are robust and effective. So if you have a problem with counterfeiting, adulteration, diversion or smuggling, Authentix will give you the results that you can see on your bottom line.

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4355 Excel Parkway, Suite 100
TX, 75001 Addison

Phone: 1 (469) 737 4400

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