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Perpetuus Carbon

About Company

Perpetuus is an advanced material manufacturer primarily focused on surface engineered carbon structures such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. Perpetuus is the No 1 global producer and supplier of nano surface modified graphenes and carbon nanotubes on an industrial scale.

Perpetuus is developing graphene application technology within its nano safe laboratories supported by a team of polymer, electro chemists and specialised plasma engineers.

Perpetuus plasma technology provides a cost effective, industrial scale, quality consistent method of producing graphitic nanostructures.

Perpetuus are able to produce 100 tonnes per annum of graphenes from a single reactor in an area of less than 1000 sq ft.

Our environmentally friendly dry process does not create residual acid, contaminated water or airborne toxins.

For any company to be successful in the commercialisation of graphene materials they need to offer their customers the following goods and services:

  • A variety of chemical groups to surface modified graphene, doped to exact customer specifications
  • Consistent high quality graphenes
  • Commercial quantities
  • Competitive pricing
  • Immediate availability
  • An environmentally friendly production process
  • Health & safety analysis and data
  • Reliable characterisation data

It is not enough to provide some of these elements, for a business to successfully bring graphene enabled applications and products to the market, you need all of these elements.

Perpetuus provide all of these goods and services; that is what makes us different.

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Perpetuus Carbon

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