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Five Star Technologies Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Five Star Technologies is a manufacturer of custom dispersions, specialty inks, and engineered powders for the precious metal processing, chip packaging materials, ceramic components, and specialty inks and pastes markets. At Five Star, we combine unique patented processes with innovative dispersion chemistry to deliver both top-down processing and bottom-up synthesis solutions to the electronics materials formulator. Our dispersions are characterized by narrow, targeted particle size distributions, exceptional dispersion stability, and unique rheological control capability. Five Star has also developed a patented approach to metal oxide synthesis that provides exceptional control over particle size, uniformity, macrostructure and phase purity.

If your applications include photovoltaics, circuit construction materials, sensors, ceramic components, chip packaging or flat panel displays, Five Star Technologies offers products that can help to optimize your manufacturing process as well as enhance the performance of your products. Dispersion product offerings include silver, silica, glass, specialty metal oxides, and carbon nano-tubes. Let Five Star Technologies provide the missing link in your electronic materials supply chain.

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Five Star Technologies Inc.

21200 Aerospace Parkway
OH, 44142 Cleveland

Phone: 1 (440) 239 7005

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